Our Products are designed for safety and we have a clean safety record since inception in 2011. Let’s tell you how and why.


Our Freedom LiTE Ranges of batteries offer the long overdue next generation energy storage and performance. And that’s not all! Contact us for more!


The Freedom Won product is the most effective product on the market when it comes to scale out of solutions for residential, commercial and industrial market. Let’s tell you how and why.

Absolute Peace of Mind

Our product comes with an unparalleled warranty and ability to be effectively serviced in the field by our knowledgeable installers/distributors and Freedom Won technicians, which provides you with 10yrs of absolute peace of mind.


Freedom Won Australia was established in 2019 to become the sole importer and wholesaler of the Freedom Won LiFePO4 batteries in Australia, New Zealand and now also the Pacific Islands, which were developed and are being manufactured in South Africa by the Freedom Won Factory.

While Freedom Won Australia is still new to the Australian market, the next-generation energy storage products it distributes, have proven to have an increased service life and operational efficiency at a much lower lifecycle cost when compared to other energy storage solutions on the market. The Freedom Won product has proven itself in harsh African circumstances to be a high performance and reliable product for energy storage since 2010.




Our product is based on the safest energy storage medium commercially available today (LiFePO4) and delivers more than 50% power than most, if not all, of our competitors.

When it comes to Freedom Won’s key differentiators, superior performance, scalability, reliability and an unparalleled product warranty are what sets us apart.

Superior Performance

The Freedom LiTE battery discharge and charge at high current and very stable voltage levels that allow it to provide more power for longer.

Reliability & Long Life

Unparalled warranty over 10yrs or 4000 cycles with full repair or replacement if required. A Long and reliable operating Life with delivering up to 7000 cycles over 15-20 years.


The Freedom LiTE product effectively and easily scale from 5kwh up to many MWh of capacity and all with the same design and embedded technology and BMS.


There are no gases released and LiFePO4 cells are also thermally stable.


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